What you need to see in Zagreb

Image What you need to see in Zagreb

Capital of Croatia, Zagreb attracts more and more visitors. It is no longer considered as a political and economic center but rather as a cosmopolitan city. Located along the Sava River and covered by the southern slopes of Medvednica Mountain, Zagreb has historical sites not to be missed. Besides the capital, it is the whole country that deserves to be discovered, especially via its coast on the Adriatic Sea.

To find your bearings in Zagreb

Two historical districts, situated on two hills that face each other, have for a long time constituted two rival districts: Gradec - the shopkeeper, against Kaptol - the nun. South of these two middle-class districts is the district of Donji-Grad, the "lower town", of much more recent construction.

The latter, who wants to make Zagreb, the capital of the region of Croatia, takes advantage of the space freed by the destruction of old dilapidated buildings to develop a gigantic architectural projects that will make the city shine. The ambitious project includes the construction of a set of prestigious secession-style monuments, parks, and large square on a horseshoe-shaped area.

Something you must see!

The country of Croatia is a trendy destination, so why not start with Zagreb? Here are the tours not to be missed, the things to do and see in Zagreb:

  •  A breakfast on the place of the flowers: So start your day in Zagreb with a good coffee and admire the place and passers-by on Cvjetni. Do not forget to taste a traditional Croatian dessert or an ice cream in one of the many pastry shops nearby.
  •  Taste the local gastronomy: Zagrebacki odrezak (veal escalope stuffed with ham and cheese and grilled with breadcrumbs), turkey with mlinci (flatbread), janjetina (roast lamb garnished with Mediterranean herbs), fuži (sort of pasta from Istria), štrukli (baked pastry, cooked or baked from Zagorje), and many more; Traditional Croatian cuisine is rich and you would not regret tasting it.
  •  Buy your souvenirs at the flea market on Britanski Square trg: Sunday mornings are still an attraction on the antiques market that is full of joy and excitement. Here you will find something to attract your curiosity, from decorative objects to old books and collectibles both locally and internationally. Located in the heart of the city, the market is a real cultural treat for all fans of antiquity.
  •  Finish your evening in style: Clubs, bars, cafes, etc. Zagreb is full of places to go out. Start your evening in the Tkaliciceva Street, full of bars, not far from Ban-Jelacic Square. To find the best clubs and nightclubs, head to the Jarun district.

Organize your trip to Zagreb

With everything there is to see and do in Zagreb, you have to organize your trip to enjoy the best. First, it would be worth mentioning that Zagreb is now relatively well served by airlines. To find a cheap flight to Zagreb, there is eDreams, a professional and experienced online travel agency.

And where to sleep in Zagreb? The city has many charming hotels that will not cost you too much. Zagreb has two main areas to stay in: the upper town and the lower town. To find a cheap hotel in Zagreb, search on eDreams. More other services can help you organize your trip better on this site. Everything you need is a click away.